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e-Foil available from 30 to 60 minutes

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Discover the thrill of Efoil in Marbella with Aquatime: An unforgettable aquatic adventure

Marbella, with its coastal charm and turquoise waters, It's the perfect setting to experience the thrill of efoil, An innovative water activity that combines surfing, Technology & Adventure. Aquatime, a leading company in water activities in Marbella, invites you to immerse yourself in this exhilarating experience and explore the crystal clear waters in a whole new way.

Efoil Marbella: Surf the waves like never before thanks to technology

The efoil, Also Known As “Electric Foil”, It is a motorized surfboard that allows you to glide over the water smoothly and quietly, thanks to an electric motor and a hydrofoil under the board. With Aquatime, You can experience the sensation of flying over the waves while controlling your efoil with precision and style. This unique combination of technology and water sport gives you an exciting and rewarding experience that will leave you wanting more.

Explore Marbella's coastline from a new perspective

One of the most exciting advantages of efoil is its ability to take you beyond the waves and explore Marbella's coastline from a whole new perspective. With Aquatime as your guide, You can sail smoothly along the coast, admiring the breathtaking panoramic views and discovering hidden corners that are only accessible from the water. From Sea Caves to Remote Beaches, the efoil gives you the freedom to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Marbella in a unique and exciting way.

E-Foil in Marbella: An incredible experience suitable for all levels

Aquatime prides itself on offering efoil experiences tailored to all levels, From beginners to experts. Their highly qualified instructors will guide you through basic balance and control techniques, Making sure you feel comfortable and safe in the water before you start your efoil adventure. Whether you're looking for quick thrills and bold turns or just want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing ride, the efoil with Aquatime offers an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone.

In short, Efoil with Aquatime is much more than just a water activity: It's an exciting experience that combines innovative technology, Water Sports & Coastal Exploration. From surfing the waves in style to exploring Marbella's coastline from a new and exciting perspective, Every moment at the efoil is an opportunity to create lasting memories and experience natural beauty in a whole new way.

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30 minutes, 60 minutes


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