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Per person - 10 min. approx..

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  • The shifts are of 10 minutes approximately

  • Price per person: 20 € per person

Within this category, You can also find 4 super fun activities, Choose the one you like!.

Trawling activities

  • Banana: Have a great with your friends or with who you want, enjoying of 10 minutes in Banana, in our hotspots of Marbella beaches. You try to stay up without falling down all the time. With a maximum capacity of 8 people, It is the best way to have a good time while enjoying a day at the beach doing something different from the usual.

  • FlyFish: We suggest you fly, If as you read it, fly with one of the most entertaining of the moment water toys. It's a kind of flying banana which is towed by a boat at high speed hold on well to fly fish if you don't want to fall into the water; poruqe in few seconds Let's we begin to fly… It is a super entertaining and exciting activity, ideal for sharing with family and friends. *The maximum capacity of the flyfish is of 6 people.

  • Donuts: Riding a giant inflatable Donut is way more fun to hang out while you're on the beach. When making turns the boat donut limp incredible speed; I assure you that I will not leave indifferent… The maximum capacity that allows this activity is of 4 people.

  • Sofa: If you want to have a fun and exciting time in Marbella, look no further, because the SOFA is something that you will love. Our monitor with a boat you towing, It will accelerate progressively to reach dizzying speeds, so you'll have to use you further if you don't want to fall into the water. The maximum capacity that allows this activity is of 4 people.


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